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Cuban Pork by Adventures In RV Life
Food and Drink
Melissa McElfresh

Cuban Pork Recipe, Instant Pot Mini Duo

What I like best about the recipe is that I could put it in our Crockpot before going to work and it had all the spices we already enjoy, like cumin, and fresh garlic. It’s been a recipe that has stood the test of time after customizing it to our taste. (See end of blog for Crockpot info)

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1 Year of RV Living Review
Melissa McElfresh

1-year review with Bailey the 5th wheel

We found two more to look at if we spent the night and headed home the next day. Since we were already 10 hours from home, we might as well look at them, now. Little did we know that in this spur of the moment decision we would end up buying our new home!

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LCI auto-leveling reservoir cover
Don McElfresh

Why is the Auto-Leveling Popping?

After some extensive digging around on the internet, we found the solution on the LCI website that would allow us to use an additive rather than replacing all of the fluid in the system.

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