27 January 2019

What led Don to Full-Time RV Living

Lake McDonald Glacier National Park

Living in an RV full-time and traveling is something I had hoped to do when I retired. After all, I thought that retirees were the only ones living full-time in RV’s. Then my wife, Melissa, showed me there is a whole community of all ages out there full-time living in an RV. It made me curious was this something that we could do now and not wait until we retired.

After all, life goes by quickly, and I knew this all too well. My mother passed away in 2009 after being diagnosed with Pancreatic cancer before she was to retire. Seeing my In-Laws who worked good paying jobs finally retir only to have large sums of their retirement evaporate during the 2008 financial crisis. Then my wife was diagnosed with Gastroparesis (stomach paralysis) in 2012 and no longer able to work full-time.

Then the stress of my job was finally catching up to me. Gaining well over 60 lbs by 2016, being Having to monitor my blood pressure for several weeks to see if I would need medication to get it under control, was a real wake up call. Something was going to need to change, but what? Melissa and I started hiking, along with making significant changes to my diet. By the end of 2017, I had lost over 40 lbs. The stresses of work showed no signs of improving they were only getting worse. Something needed to give.

I started to contemplate what I was doing and finally asking myself some serious question. Was the compensation I received worth what we had to cede? What was the point if by the time I retire the only thing I have is a fat bank account, that I only get to use to pay medical bills? Would Melissa and myself ever get the opportunity to travel the country?  

We started thinking of a way to improve our situation by researching the different options we discovered that would allow us to take control of our time. Looking first into homesteading we both enjoyed the property we owned in Spokane why not do it again. This time without the 3000 sqft home.

Maybe we could do something more modest like a small cabin or a tiny house. After some number crunching and research, we decided this was not a viable option at least not where we wanted to be.

The idea Melissa had about living in an RV was still very appealing. We would get to travel, there would be lots of opportunities to hike, and we would have more time together. So we scrapped the plans of the truck bed camper that we were toying with and started reaching something bigger. Within a few short months, we were living full time in a 5th-wheel.

27 January 2019 RV

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