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2014 Bayhill 320RS

Don is a Marine Veteran with a background in engineering who has a passion for travel and capturing those moments through photography.

After 15 years of working ‘up the ladder’, he started yearning for more than what his career could offer. He found himself reflecting on past travels as a Marine. So it goes without saying, hiking Glacier National Park and the Flathead National Forest pushed him over the edge. 

His desire for adventure grew exponentially after being consumed by nature’s beauty. So many trails and so very little time to see it all. Don found himself asking ‘does the weekend of exploring have to end?’ 

In March of 2018, Don and his wife Melissa said ‘no, the exploring does not have to end’ by starting Adventure in RV Life. 

They hope you tag along in this new adventure of living full-time in an RV. Or at the very least have a good laugh when they post about some mis-adventures.

Melissa’s gastroparesis (stomach paralysis) set her back for several years. Both in her career and life. Being afraid to eat or go out, was debilitating. 

This is when she learned to grab life by the horns and ‘figure it out.’ It took lots of research, trial and error, but she was able to adapt. A loving, supportive husband helped too!

So it goes without saying that this indoorsy, allergy, and asthma prone wife would say ‘yes’ to her husband. Yes, to going on a ‘nature walk’ with him on the famous Going To The Sun Road in Glacier National Park

To Melissa’s surprise she loved it and was hooked! Despite the blisters on her feet from bad shoes, she craved for the next adventure.

That moment changed everything for her, and Don. There was no going back to ‘regular’ life. Now Melissa’s creative flare can shine. She loves planning, organizing, baking, and blogging…with coffee in hand. 

Plus, when something breaks, she is right there to learn how to fix it. That is RV life. Never afraid to learn, explore or overcome challenges.

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Don and Melissa are a fun, witty couple who have been together since 1999; yes, they survived the Y2K apocalypse! They also survived a couple out of state job relocations, loss of loved ones and Melissa’s drastic health change.

Quickly they began realizing how important life is. To live every day to the fullest.

They love traveling, exploring all the back-roads, taking hiking opportunities as they come up. But were seldom able so, because of the corporate world stranglehold.

With lots of thought, Melissa and Don decided to sell off everything, purchase a 5th wheel (called Bailey) to begin a different type of lifestyle.

Now mobile, they will be able to start the RV life adventure they both desire…or so they hope.

Sitting outside of the RV

When we decided to begin our adventure in RV life we did not find a lot of answers to our questions. Then again, we were not exactly sure what we wanted or needed. 

The only thing we knew is we wanted a change from our current lifestyle. However, we had never done anything like this before.

What we found, through countless hours watching videos, was blissful RV living. Couples were traveling continuously without a worry and appeared to have endless money. Sadly, that portrail is not reality, for us.

We are sharing our 5th wheel adventures to capture the day-to day events, providing you with honest experiences. 

Maybe this will give you the push you need to take that first step. Or maybe, help you avoid a costly mistake.

Please join us on our Adventures In RV Life.