Broccoli Pea Salad Recipe, RV Friendly

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Between the mix in options and tips, we hope you give the Broccoli Pea Salad a try. It is so quick and easy to make, we are sure it will soon become a staple in your family, too.
RV friendly Broccoli Pea Salad is super easy to make and can be made with greek yogurt or mayo. #adventuresinrvlife #sidedish

The inspiration to make a Broccoli Pea Salad came to me one day while perusing the grocery store’s deli section. It amazes me that all of these side dishes cost so much per pound. Especially since you know they have been sitting in the cooler for hours, if not days. So, I hit the web to gather a few ideas and came up with my own recipe that is quick and easy. Just like our Potato Salad recipe, you have endless customizability with this Broccoli Pea Salad to suit your family’s tastes. 

Besides being quick and easy, the Broccoli Pea Salad is a great RV recipe. The majority of the time traveling we already have all the ingredients needed. Since everything is mixed in one bowl, it truly makes an RV friendly recipe that you can double or triple for a pot-luck. 

Broccoli Pea Salad Recipe

By Adventures In RV Life, Melissa McElfresh


10 minutes


Serves 6+ (depending on additional mix in choices)


½ Cup Greek Yogurt

1 TB Apple Cider Vinegar

¼ Tsp Worcestershire sauce

10 oz Frozen Peas

¼ Cup Onion, finely chopped (white, yellow or red)

½ Cup Cashews, chopped

1 Cup Fresh Broccoli, cut into bite size pieces

Salt and Pepper, to taste


Cutting board and knife

Measuring spoons and cups

Whisk or fork

Mixing/Serving bowl (with lid)

Plastic wrap – if no bowl lid


In a mixing bowl whisk together: Greek yogurt, apple cider vinegar and, Worcestershire sauce. Add salt, pepper, and any additional seasonings (see OPTIONS) to taste. Toss in the frozen peas, onions, cashews, and broccoli. Add any family favorite mix-in options. Grab a spoon to sample your creation. The Broccoli Pea Salad is ready to serve.   Be sure to check out our tips, below.


3 slices Bacon, cooked, cooled and crumbled 


Pecans or Almonds

Mayo -instead of Greek Yogurt

Rice vinegar -can replace Apple Cider Vinegar

Garlic powder

Cayenne pepper


  • For a thinner sauce base, do not thaw and drain the frozen peas.
  • Mix the peas in before serving, for added ‘crunch.’
  • The Broccoli Pea Salad is best right after it is made. I suggest refraining from making it the night before, unless you place the peas and bacon (if using) in it right before serving. The bacon will become intense the longer it sits, overwhelming the Broccoli Pea Salad.

Tell Us What You Think:

Between the mix in options and tips, we hope you give the Broccoli Pea Salad a try. It is so quick and easy to make, we are sure it will soon become a staple in your family, too.

Thanks for reading and we will see you on our next Adventure!

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Melissa McElfresh

Melissa McElfresh

In 2012 I was diagnosed with Gastroparesis (stomach paralysis), which made me realize life is too short and not to take simple things for granted. As an avid indoor-girl with allergies, I did not go on hikes of any sort. But, one day my Marine husband, Don, asked if I would go on a 'nature walk' with him. It was on the paved Going To The Sun Road in Glacier National Park. I went and was hooked, eager for our next adventure! The desire to see new places, meet new people, experience new cultures, has aided me to share with you my new adventure.

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