Changes To Adventures, Work Update

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It is with a heavy heart I announce this. From a new blog standpoint, it will hinder our growth. Yet, it must be done.

As you may have read in our “Recent Stress In RV Life, Update” blog, July was a very challenging month for Don and me. After that blogs posting, more news trickled in. The start-up company I had been dispatching cars to members for, from the comfort of my home, would be no longer. For business reasons I fully understand their need as well as the timing to sell the company. Unfortunately, that leaves me without work and now a new truck payment. 

We ask for your continued support during this time of transition for us. I will be diving headfirst into updating my resume and looking for great remote work opportunities. Don has been swamped with juggling his work, physical therapy (for his work-related injury) and projects around the home. In his free time, he has been working on editing video for our future YouTube launch. There never seems to be enough hours in the day to do all that we need and want.

Work In A Cube?

Currently, there are several office jobs that I could drive to and work at all day. That style of work will not aid me in our ultimate goal of working remotely while RVing full-time. However, some employers may have a remote option after working in-office for so long. My enormous task ahead of me is to apply to both remote and in-office, to find out. 

The Change To Adventures 

It is with a heavy heart I announce this. From a new blog standpoint, it will hinder our growth. Yet, it must be done. The Adventures In RV Life blog will no longer have the weekly posts you expect. Rather, I hope to have one product review type blog and one recipe posted each month. You can still count on the new blog posts to occur on Sundays at 8 am (PST).

Once I get a new job under my belt and our weekend projects slow up, I will be able to pour more free time into Adventures. It’s a fact we have a lot of adventures to write about. Now if we could only get life to settle down a bit we could share the content sooner for you. So I better get to work!

Our deepest Thank You for your understanding.

We will see you on the next adventure!

Melissa McElfresh

Melissa McElfresh

In 2012 I was diagnosed with Gastroparesis (stomach paralysis), which made me realize life is too short and not to take simple things for granted. As an avid indoor-girl with allergies, I did not go on hikes of any sort. But, one day my Marine husband, Don, asked if I would go on a 'nature walk' with him. It was on the paved Going To The Sun Road in Glacier National Park. I went and was hooked, eager for our next adventure! The desire to see new places, meet new people, experience new cultures, has aided me to share with you my new adventure.

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We are sharing our adventures to not only document our full-time living in a 5th wheel but to provide others with information.  Our extensive research involved searching for answers to these questions: how to begin this lifestyle, what RV is best to live in full-time and what jobs could we do to support our dream.  However, we did not find a lot of answers out there that pertained to our quest.  Quickly we realized people choose this lifestyle and their RV for many different reasons.  There is no right or wrong answer.  We are here to provide you with another perspective.

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