This corn and black bean salad is our family’s go-to quick recipe. In our house, we use it 3-ways. We use it as a side dish to compliment a hamburger, sausage, or bbq pork sandwich. 

Another favorite use for Melissa is creating a southwest style salad for dinner out of it. All you do is top a large green salad with this ‘salsa’ and add some chicken. It’s a super quick and tasty meal. 

Mac enjoys making a burrito out of the corn and black bean salad. Simply spoon the salad onto a large four taco shell, add some sour cream, and either chicken (from the night before) or refried beans.


In addition, you can make as little or as much as you want of this corn and black bean salad. As you may know, it is just the two of us and we love southwestern flavors. So we will make the whole recipe and have it for 3 meals (serving both of us). Due to Melissa’s gastroparesis, she can not eat a lot of this corn and black bean salad. Therefore, a ‘normal’ family should get 4 services out of this recipe.


The recipe is easy to adapt to your personal dietary needs as well as for your flavor profile. As it is, the cumin and chili powders are offset with the sweet corn and balsamic vinegar. Some people will add sugar to the corn and black bean salad. Others will reduce the chili powder. I have seen some put in herbs, like oregano and cilantro. The choice is always yours.

You will find the corn and black bean salad will look ‘ugly’ as the corn absorbs the balsamic vinegar and black bean juices. However, the longer it sits, the better it tastes! Melissa does add a little more corn to the dish before serving as a leftover. The slight crunch of the semi-frozen ‘new’ corn is what she is after.

Corn and Black Bean Salad

By Adventures In RV Life, Melissa McElfresh


Prep: 10

Cooking: 0


Cups 4




  1. In a small bowl mix together everything except the corn and beans.
  2. Place corn and beans in a large bowl, toss with marinade (step 1).
  3. Taste for further seasoning.
  4. It is best to refrigerate overnight, but it can be served right away.



We hope you give the Corn and Black Bean Salad recipe a try. Be sure to check out the rest of our recipe collections that we add to on a monthly basis HERE as well. 

Thanks for reading our blog and we will see you on our next Adventure!

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