In Part 1 we went over the different item categories for sorting the Estate Sale items.  We also covered why it is important to research prices to avoid costly errors, like our almost $500 blunder.  In Part 2 you were provided with the idea of listing the whole Estate Sale as a ‘bundle.’  As well as why creating a website can help you reach more people and save you time.  Part 3 we will cover: how to get people in the door, the setup process, and the small things that are often forgotten. Part 4 is all about the day of prep and driving more sales.

Pre- Estate Sale

When you have large pieces of furniture, it is a good idea to sell them before your Estate Sale. Just picture a person buying your sofa, attempting to maneuver it around tables with glassware and people coming in the door. Having the bulky items out of the way also frees up much-needed space to set display tables.

We found that advertising on Social Media in local Yard Sale groups was our best option (see TIPS). With pictures on the website (see Part 2) it was easy to provide a link in the post for people. When a person wants to look at an item, it will be up to you on how to set the appointment.  You can choose to set a day and hour range for everyone to come to look. Or you can book individual pre- Estate Sale showings. For us, we opted to work with each person so that they felt their time was valued and could ask questions. This option can be a challenge since you risk a ‘no show,’ that wastes your time.

Estate Sale Flow

One week before the Estate Sale, after a majority of the furniture sold, we began the setup process. Like every sale you have have been to, putting up tables is a given.  How you arrange the tables and items can provide an enjoyable experience for your shoppers. The goal is to have them wander around, rather than just popping in for a minute and heading out without a purchase.

I was never a fan of yard sales where I would see a hammer in between a stuffed animal and dishes. It was as if the plush rabbit comes to life at night and breaks china. It is disturbingly crazy, and the unorganized layout made me scamper away.  So if you set up your Estate Sale with like items, it will significantly benefit you and your shopper. Think of it as shopping in different departments at your favorite retail store.

Our Estate Sale Flow

Our house was a tri-level with a garage.  The garage was open for the tools and yard equipment could be looked over.  Don was outside to answer questions and let them know there was a house full of items. Once inside, they quickly saw the tables along the living room and dining room walls. With an open floor plan, the shoppers could see the kitchen had more goodies to shop. That is where I would stand to be out of their way and also guide them to the downstairs that had more items. I was visible from the dining and living areas to converse with (see Part 4).

Prices and Bundles

You already have prices on your large items, but everything right down to that $0.25 shot glass should have an amount. One of our TIPS is to go to the $1 Store to purchase ready to use priced stickers. I can not count the number of times I have put back an item because I was unable to find the price. Most Estate Sale shoppers will likely do the same.

There will be items that you know will be difficult to sell, such as uncommon books. This is when you could bundle several books together for one low price. Or like we did, a whole box of books for one price.  Drinkware would be another good option to do bundle deals. Just remember to keep the costs low on bundles. Often a person will buy the bundle for one item.

Increase Awareness

In Part 2 you already learned about advertising, and how important it is to do 2-weeks before the Estate Sale. But now, a couple of days before the big event reminders need to go out to boost awareness. Not only catching people that may have missed the prior advertising but to remind those that said they want to attend.

This is an excellent time to go around to local businesses to refresh your fliers and remind friends and family of the big day.  Also, a reminder post on Social Media containing the Estate Sale date, time and location. Again, this is where the website link (Part 2) is of great benefit, and you will want to update the location.

Click HERE to continue onto Part 4 where we help get you prepared for the Estate Sale and provide help with getting more sales.

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