RV Recipes

By Adventures In RV Life

The Recipes

Who can make them...

Those of you with an RV kitchen or kitchenette, you know how hard it can be to cook. Toss in baking with a propane oven, things can go crazy wrong, quickly. Or so it did for Melissa. After the trial and error period, she has some tips and tricks to help you out. Each recipe will have a note for RVers! 

All of the recipes can be made in a traditional kitchen, as well as an RV or apartment. The recipes will have a list of ‘tools.’ This list will not only contain the most basic items needed but suggested items. Items that you may not have seen before or thought about using. Some may be good options for gifts! 

The Recipes

What to expect...

As full-time RVers, we know storage is at a premium. However, we do not want to sacrifice taste, quality or freshness. That is why we want recipes that:

  • The ingredients are ones we keep on hand or can easily obtain (without spoiling).
  • Meals that require 1-2 pots/pans – water is at a premium when RVers boondock.
  • After a long day at work (or hiking) the recipe needs to be quick to make.
  • Can be easily adjusted to feed 2 people or 20 people without a ton of calculating.

The recipes in our blog are ones that we now make in our RV. It is just the two of us, so the portions will typically be for a couple. The serving size is noted, so you can make adjustments as needed for your family.

Lastly, with Melissa’s gastroparesis she has a special ‘diet’ she needs to adhere to. Part of that is to avoid a lot of pre-packaged foods. Therefore, we cook from scratch 99% of the time. Which is GREAT FOR YOU! You can omit any ingredients you may not like. When applicable our recipes will have replacement suggestions.

As you can see the RV recipes can be made by anyone, living in an RV or not. We hope you give some a try soon and comment when you do!!

You will find tips to use up leftovers.

Such as our family favorite of turning leftover meatloaf into a meat-sauce for pasta.

Who says you can't bake bread in your RV?

Who says you can't roast pumpkins in your RV?

You can do ANYTHING and EVERYTHING in a small kitchen - it simply takes practice. Adventures In RV Life is here to help you.