Selling any item from a house to gently used clothing require the same thing, buyers. It is a simple fact that people need to know you are selling the item. This Selling Tips blog will follow the outline of our Estate Sale 4-part series. But these selling tips can also be applied to any single thing you are selling in a yard, garage or moving sale.

From PART 1 – Avoid Our Costly Pricing Error

Sorting Tips

Selling Tips for your Estate, Yard or Garage Sale

Sorting can be a long and tedious process.  For some of you, you may have a Will to read. If so, then the remaining items may or may not be worth sorting.  For us, we sorted items as part of downsizing into an RV, much like a retired couple moving from a 3-story house into a small condo. We all have to start someplace and, for the Selling Tips, it is from the beginning, with sorting.

Research Tips

If you thought sorting is time-consuming, the research process can be as well. However, the research will make or break the income of your event. Our selling tips all hinge on items that have been priced accordingly through research. Don’t be like us in P1 and mark an item for $20 because you ran out of research time. Then find out mid-sale by a customer that a similar item sold for $5,000 at auction. Here are some research tips:

From PART 2 – Advertising and Websites

Where To Advertise

Most people think of advertising in the form of a tv commercial or email spam. But advertising is much more than that. The following advertising selling tips will give you a good starting place:

Basic Websites

As outlined in P2 building a website is one of the biggest selling tips that can substantially help you. Several sites offer a free website template, and they give you an URL. That way you do not have to buy a website address. The sites change all the time, so be sure to research them. Below are a few to consider and are in no particular order.

From PART 3 – Pop Up Sale

Estate Sale Flow

You will find that laying out your sales event with these simple selling tips can help you bring in more sales. In P3 we went over how the sale should resemble a department store (i.e., Target). Keeping ‘departments’ of items clustered together or on a seperate table, is visually appealing. Why does it matter?

Pricing Selling Tips

Now that the shoppers are at your event, looking around, let’s keep them there. Here are some selling tips on pricing to help:

Where to buy supplies

The goal is to make money from your sale and not go broke on advertising or the prep. But, pricing everything, making signs and flyers can make or break your event. Below are some great options to not break your wallet:

From PART 4 – Making Money

Where to put signs

Scout out places where you can hang signs for your event to drive traffic to you. Doing so will give you an idea of how many to make, plus a couple of extras.  On the morning of the sale you will want to put them up, in these areas:

Why Social Media Matters

On the morning of the event, post a few pictures to the social media sites you did several weeks prior (see P2 and P3). Doing so will grab their attention that the day is here! Then be sure to follow these selling tips to maximize your sales:

Fun Selling Tips

Our goal was to part with as much as possible on the last day so, we did a BOGO deal. On Social Media, Melissa announced a Buy 1-item and Get 1-FREE for that day. Of course, there was fine print that set dollar limits of the items. We had return customers scooping up things they did not buy before when they saw the BOGO. We even put a sign out in front of the house so those driving by would know too.

Please leave a comment with any selling tips you have. If you have not already read over the 4-part Estate Sale or Downsizing blogs, we encourage you to do so.  We feel that if we can do it with snow piles all around, in a small Montana town and meet our goal, you can too!

Estate Sale PART 4 Making Money

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