My decision didn’t just happen in one night; instead, my thoughts were led here by a couple of eye-opening events.  Having gastroparesis was one of the main factors. But so was the answers to life’s hard questions and sitting down to evaluate the future. I’m glad we did it, even if selling 90% of our belonging wasn’t an easy choice or action, either.

Life Is Short

I learned the hard way that our lives go by too quickly after seeing my wonderful Mother-In-Law pass away from cancer before the age of 60. About 6-months later I was diagnosed with Gastroparesis (stomach paralysis) which changed my life and views forever. More on that in future blogs.

Crazy Stock Market

I watched my parents work non-stop at good paying jobs, stashing retirement money away, just in time for the market to crash when they retired.  Then I watched my husband work 80+ hour weeks, for salary, with very little time off, for close to 4 years while I worked part-time side gigs and tried to manage my gastroparesis.

Questioning Life

WHY were we doing this?  Isn’t there more to life?  When can we go out to dinner and not be interrupted by his work needing him?   Will we ever get to retire so we can live our dream of traveling?

When we’re discontent, we start to dream of a better life, a more purposeful and rewarding life. The discontent led us to think about building a tiny home and toying with the exciting idea of him quitting his job.  My thoughts progressed further, smaller and more nimble, to living in an RV full time so we could explore the world (okay-the lower 48 States).  But these were just thoughts and dreams. We would never really do it – like all the dreams we have had before.

Crazy Idea Forms

One night when Don came home exhausted from work, I shared what seemed like the greatest harebrained idea I had ever had: “living in an RV full time,” moving back to my hometown and finding a less stressful job to pay it off.  Without much hesitation, he said YES! And so it began, our new adventure. In less than 4-months, it became a reality and not just a dream that is swept back under the pillow.

If you want to read in more depth on why both of us choose to sell off everything and embrace living in a 5th wheel full-time, please check out our blog post: “Why We Went Full-Time In A 5th Wheel.

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